Price Match Terms

We would lik you to get the best price available for you new product when buying from better price .Certain requirements are reqired in order for us to meet an cheaper price

1: The product needs to be Identicle
2: The Product is available to purchase for the price you state online
2 : The Url that you give must point direct to the product advertised
4: The website must be legal and comply with all UK laws and regulations.
5: A legal returns policy must be available on the website
6: The Company must be VAT registered
7: The Delivery time scale must be simalar to ours
8: Price must include any other charges such as delivery and VAT

We will the link that you provide and email you back with our desision

Some of the online Company’s that we have already beaten on like for like price;

uk furniture direct
Furniture Style
The Plasma Centre
Tesco Direct
Furniture 123